MCP79411 RTC


MCP79411-I/SN  I2C Battery-Backed I2C RTCC w/SRAM, EEPROM and Protected EEPROM


     The MCP79411 general purpose I2C™Compatible real-time clock/calendar (RTCC) is highly integrated with nonvolatile memory and advanced features normally found in higher priced devices. These features include a battery switchover circuit for backup power, a timestamp to log power failures and digital trimming for accuracy. Using a low-cost 32.768 kHz crystal or other clock source, time is tracked in either a 12-hour or 24-hour format with an AM/PM indicator and timing to the second, minute, hour, day of the week, day, month and year. As an interrupt or wakeup signal, a multifunction open drain output can be programmed as an Alarm Out or as a Clock Out that supports 4 selectable frequencies. In addition, non-volatile memory is included along with a Unique ID in a locked section of EEPROM that is factory programmed with an EUI-48 MAC Address.




  •         Battery-Backed Real-Time Clock/Calendar (RTCC)
    •             Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Day of Week, Day, Month, Year
    •             Leap year compensated  to 2399
    •             12/24 hour modes
  •         On-Chip Digital Trimming/Calibration
    •             1 PPM Resolution
    •             ±129 PPM Range
  •         Dual Programmable Alarms
  •         Versatile Output Pin
    •             Clock output with selectable frequency
    •             Alarm output
    •             General Purpose output
  •         Power-Fail Time-Stamp
    •             Time logged on switchover to and from Battery Backup
  •         2-Wire Serial Interface, I2C™Compatible
    •             I2C Clock Frequency up to 400 kHz

User Memory

  •         64 Bytes Battery-Backed SRAM
  •         1Kb EEPROM Memory
  •         64-bit Protected EEPROM Area
    •             Robust write unlock sequence
    •             Preprogrammed EUI-48™ MAC Address


  •         Wide Voltage Range
    •             Operating Voltage 1.8V to 5.5V
    •             Backup Voltage 1.3V to 5.5V
  •         Low Typical Timekeeping Current
  •         Automatic Switchover to Battery Backup



  • Type    Clock/Calendar
  • Features    Alarm, Leap Year, Square Wave Output, SRAM, Unique ID
  • Memory Size    64B
  • Time Format    HH:MM:SS (12/24 hr)
  • Date Format    YY-MM-DD-dd
  • Interface    I²C, 2-Wire Serial
  • Voltage - Supply    1.8 V ~ 5.5 V
  • Voltage - Supply, Battery    1.3 V ~ 5.5 V
  • Current - Timekeeping (Max)    1.2µA @ 3.3V
  • Operating Temperature    -40°C ~ 85°C
  • Mounting Type    Surface Mount
  • Package / Case    8-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)
  • Supplier Device Package    8-SOIC N


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MCP79411 RTC

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