LicheePi Nano + Wifi


LicheePi Nano ARM926EJS SoC Development Board - 16M Flash

Lichee Nano is an SD Card Sized Linux Development Board Powered by Allwinner F1C100s ARM9 Processor




  •     CPU: Allwinner F1C100s, ARM 926EJS processor,up to 900MHz
  •     Memory & storage
    • -32MB DDR integrated into SoC, 16MB SPI Flash
    • -Onboard TF Slot, can be boot from TF Card,
  •     Display
    • -40-pin RGB LCD FPC connector supporting 272×480, 480×800, 1024×600 and other resolutions resistive displays(and capacitive displays trough the adapter board).
    • -Support 720P video output, support video stream decoding such as H.264 / MPEG
  •     Communication Interface
    • -SDIO for WiFi module
    • -SPI x2, TWI x3, UART x3
    • -OTG USB x1, TV out
  •     Other interface
    • -PWM x2, LRADC x1
    • -Headphone output x2, Mic x1


Electrical characteristics

  • -Input 5V via micro USB port, 3.3 to 5V via pin
  • -Output – 3.3V, selectable input RTC voltage
  • -Power Consumption – 54mA (idle) with Linux, 250mA with display
  • -Storage Temperature: -40~125°C; operating: -20 to 70°C


Software and development environment

  •     Support 3.10 BSP linux,
  •     Support 4.19 mainline linux,
  •     Support xboot bare metal development environment
  •     Support RT-Thread


Target application scenario:

  •     IoT applications using more complex communication interfaces and protocols
  •     The application of human-computer interaction interface that needs more beautiful and complex logic
  •     Application scenarios that require more operations (as opposed to common MCUs)
  •     Need to use open source software under Linux for rapid development scenarios
  •     High-end geek players balance in size, performance and ease of use.
  •     Entry level player, software engineer, hardware diy using familiar language



Size and weight
Core board size 25.4x33.0mm
Core board weight 4.2±0.2g
Start up Nano needs card boot  (or  solder  SPI  flash), only plug in USB without any phenomenon
System debug serial port UART0, specific position reference pin diagram
USB interface OTG usb, power and communication
Operating temperature -20~70℃
Part List
Lichee Nano x1
OTG x1


Paket içeriği :

  •     1 Adet LicheePi Nano
  •     1 Adet Usb Çevirici Adaptör Soket
  •     1 Adet WiFi Module
  •     1 Adet Plastik Kutu
  •     2 Adet 10 Pin Erkek Header


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LicheePi Nano + Wifi

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