10-15 Gün WeAct STM32H743VIT6 STM32 Kit


WeAct STM32H743VIT6 STM32 Kit + 0.96” Lcd  + OV2640 Kamera

2M Flash 1M RAM 8MB SPI Flash Geliştirme Kartı Openmv Uyumlu



  •  STM32H743VIT6 480Mhz, 2048KB ROM, 1MB RAM
  •  ARM Cortex M7Architecture with FPU floating point unit, complete DSP instruction and memory protection unit MPU
  •  8MB SPI Flash, 8MB QSPI Flash(Executable program)
  •  Gold sink TG155 plate, four layer plate design
  •  Lead-free welding process is adopted
  •  Use the button to set BOOT
  •  Using high quality crystal vibration, metal shell, can be good vibration
  •  Always use the original ST chip
  •  USB C interface,Mirco SD card seat and buttons all do ESD protection, DCMI camera interface, with 1.5V and 2.8V power supply, no external transfer board, support auto focus function
  •  Support for OpenMV4 development
  •  Support C language development



Paket İçeriği:

  •   1 Adet STM32H743VIT6 Kit
  •   1 Adet 0.96 inch LCD
  •   1 Adet OV2640 Kamera
  •   1 Adet Usb Type-C Kablo


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WeAct STM32H743VIT6 STM32 Kit

  • Brand: OEM
  • Product Code: WeAct STM32H743VIT6 STM32 Kit
  • Availability: 10-15 Gün
  • Fiyat : 500.00TL
  • KDV Dahil : 590.00TL

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