Pre-Order 15 Day TB6643KQ 50V 4.5A DC Motor Driver IC


TB6643KQ Full-Bridge 50V 4.5A DC Motor Driver IC


The TB6643KQ is a full-bridge DC motor driver IC employing the MOS process for output power transistors.
The low ON-resistance MOS process and PWM control enables driving DC motors with high thermal efficiency.
Four operating modes are selectable via IN1 and IN2: clockwise (CW), counterclockwise (CCW), Short Brake and Stop.



  •  Power supply voltage: 50 V (max)
  •  Output current: 4.5 A (max)
  •  Output ON-resistance: 0.55  (typ.)
  •  PWM control
  •  CW/CCW/Short Brake/Stop modes
  •  Overcurrent shutdown circuit (ISD)
  •  Overvoltage shutdown circuit (VSD)
  •  Thermal shutdown circuit (TSD)
  •  Undervoltage lockout circuit (UVLO)
  •  Dead time for preventing shoot-through current



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TB6643KQ 50V 4.5A DC Motor Driver IC

  • Brand: TOSHIBA
  • Product Code: TB6643KQ
  • Availability: Pre-Order 15 Day
  • Fiyat : 30.00TL
  • KDV Dahil : 35.40TL

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