New Product Termistör Röle Modül 12V


Termistör Röle Modül 12V

     Temperature detection, adjust to a certain valve point through the potentiometer, control the corresponding temperature, with relay output, directly connect AC high-power products.
Module features:

  • Automatically control the temperature, start below the temperature, or start above the temperature. Select to start higher than the set temperature when the output terminal is normally open, and start normally when the output is lower than the set temperature;
  • The comparator output directly drives the relay and can be connected to 220V AC or other equipment;
  • With a potentiometer to adjust the temperature;
  • The sensor interface can be equipped with a pin, plus a thermal sensor with a lead;
  • The external dimensions are: 50x26mm, thickness 19mm, with 4 3mm fixing bolt holes for easy installation.

Electrical parameters:

  • Supply voltage:12V
  • Current: greater than 150mA
  • Load: 250V 10A AC or 30V 10A DC

Module instructions:

  • The thermistor module is most sensitive to the ambient temperature. It is generally used to detect the temperature of the surrounding environment. The replacement of the waterproof type thermal sensor can detect the water temperature.
  • When the ambient temperature exceeds the set threshold, the relay is closed, and the common end is connected to the normally open end. When the ambient temperature is lower than the set threshold, the relay is disconnected, and the common end is connected to the normally closed end;
  • The common end, normally open, normally closed three ports is equivalent to a dual control switch, when the relay coil is powered, the common end is open to the normally open end, when there is no electricity, the common end and the normally closed end are turned on.


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Termistör Röle Modül 12V

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