Out Of Stock RS2306B 2400KV Fırçasız Motor


RS2306B 2400KV Fırçasız Motor


EMAX RS2306 Black Editions Race Spec Motor  2400KV

3-4S Racing Brushess Motor For FPV Racing


     The RS2306 was designed to set a new standard of power and response for pilots seeking the ultimate in flight performance. With nearly twice the level of thrust of the original Red Bottom, the new RS2306 sets the bar even higher by pushing 2kg of thrust with 5045x3 propeller on 5S or 6045x3 on 4S.
     Latest design language used in RS2205-S have been carried over to the RS2306. 
     Lighter bell, hollowed steel shaft, bigger bearings, lower profile, and kept the overall diameter just 0.4mm wider than RS2205-S!
     The EMAX 2306 series of motors offer some of the highest levels of quality and performance in a motor to-date. Boasting incredible thrust numbers, with a perfect blend of efficiency, showcases how EMAX is a leader within the FPV community and delivering products that continuously challenge the market with bold new designs. 


Features at a Glance: 

  • Low Profile
  • Modified Cooling Fins
  • Curved Magents
  • Updated Bearings
  • Higher Thrust Output
  • Hollow Shaft
  • Screw Secured Bell 
  • Framework:12N14P    
  • No.of cells:3-4S    
  • Propeller:5"          
  • Diameter:28.3MM    
  • Length:30.1MM    
  • Prop adapter shaft thread:M5
  • Max.thrust:1552g    
  • Weight:33.84g         
  • KV:2400   


Hollowed Steel Prop shaft and main shaft: The upgraded shafts maximize durability. No worry of damaging threads during crashes. 

Bell Retaining Screw:  No more E-Clips. With a retaining screw, RS2205-S has no chance of having bells pop out during a race. It is also easy to service the motor without needing a special tool. 

EMAX Legendary Production Quality:  Engineered and produced In-House with state-of-the-art production techniques and machines, every motor that comes out of our factory is guaranteed to have the tightest build tolerances. It is with this ability, that Emax can achieve 0.10mm magnet to stator air-gap and crash-durability racers come to love.



  • 2kg Thrust from a 2306 class motor!
  • Larger Stator for smooth, responsive power.
  • BEEFY 4mm Hardened and Tempered Hollow Steel Shaft: Breaking shafts are a thing of the past.
  • 0.15mm High Silicon-Steel Laminations: Higher volume of silicon increases electrical resistance in the lamination, reducing eddy-currents within the system (Translates electrical energy into mechanical energy more efficiently.). 
  • High quality 4mm Inner Diamter Steel Ball Bearings.
  • 1.8mm N48SH Arc magnets (thinner and lighter which allow lower mass on the outer portion of the bell, resulting in faster acceleration. Less energy lost and more power delivered to the propeller).
  • Special Edition Matte White Bell.
  • Hex head bell fastener for easy servicing or bell replacement.
  • PROPLOCK base for future performance-matched propellers: This anti-slip design locks in the propellers on to the motor to prevent Prop slippage during the hardest obstacle strikes.
  • 34 grams - Contrary to what most pilots say about motor weight Lighter is not always better. In this class of a motor that pushed 1,000s of grams of thrust, 34g is the absolute minimum without compromising structural integrity.


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RS2306B 2400KV Fırçasız Motor

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