TTL  to RS422 Modül


TTL  to RS422 Modül


      Bu modül TTL uart ile RS422 ağına bağlanmanızı sağlar. 2 adet modül ile RS422 ağı kurabilirsiniz. Bu modül full dupleks haberleşme yapabilir. Modülde MAX490 çipi kullanılmıştır.


     RS422 mutual conversion TTL two-way signal module full duplex 422 turn single chip MAX490 to TTL module



  •    RS422 interface, two-way communication. A B Y Z ultra-long transmission 1000 meters.
  •    The module has 15KV ESD protection..
  •    10 ohm current limiting/overcurrent protection resistor to the board.
  •    The module comes with TVS diodes. Anti-lightning, anti-spike voltage.
  •    The module has 120 ohm terminal resistance, it can reduce long-distance communication echo interference effectively.
  •    With power indicator and data transceiver indicator. Easy to watch the Data status.
  •    Module TTL side using 5V DC power supply TXD RXD compatible with 5V logic signal.
  •    Module uses the original imported MAX490 chips, stability and communication speed is far more than domestic products, up to 2.5MBPS.
  •    Module size: 5.0cm x 2.7cm


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  • 1 Adet TTL to RS422 Modül


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TTL to RS422 Modül

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