Out Of Stock 0-10V to 4-20mA Sinyal Çevirici Modül

0-10V to 4-20mA Sinyal Çevirici Modül


     The product is used for converting DA Voltage or Direct Voltage (output from ARM system, single chip system, PLC system, direct current regulated voltage system) to standard voltage 4-20mA, it can be applied in driving transducer, servo motor, etc.
     The output constant signal effectively prevents current signal attenuation or nonlinear change caused by wire resistance pressure drop during transportation so to improve reliability and stability.



  • Sumption and maximum loadWithout load: consumption<10mA (testing condition: supply voltage=12V, control voltage angling input)
  • With load: output maximum load <=0.3W (testing condition: supply voltage=24V, current output=20mA)
  • Power Voltage Specification: DC 0-10V (control voltage) convert to 4-20mA, scope of supply voltage: 12V-30V
  • Precision: Output 4-20mA, Current precision≤0.01mA
  • Size of PCB: 5cm*3cm
  • Diameter of fixing hole: 3mm
  • Mounting dimension of fixing hole: 4.4cm*2.5cm

The product is under calibration when be packed. Please follow below instruction to calibrate Zero and Full Scale if re-calibrate is needed.
1- Zero Calibration: adjust control voltage to 0V and adjust zero calibration potentiometer to get 4mA output current. You can fix the potentiometer knob by adhesive.
2- Full Scale calibration: adjust control voltage to required full scale voltage (for example 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V, 10V) and adjust full scale calibration potentiometer to get 20mA output current. The current output indicator lamp gets brighter during the adjustment.You can fix the potentiometer knob by adhesive.
3- After calibration, if you find control voltage is 0V but current output is not 4mA, you need to repeat calibration process.


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0-10V to 4-20mA Sinyal Çevirici Modül

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