Human Resources

   Our company is working on parallel R&D projects in many subjects. For this reason, we constantly need technical people. If you think that you are suitable for all or some of the following topics, please send your CVs to address. All applications will remain confidential.


   The first interview with the candidates will be done via internet. Candidates are preferred over the "Basic" properties listed below and at least 40% from the "Preferred" feature.


Essential Features
  • Do not smoke.
  • Know English well at the time.
  • Very good knowledge of C / C ++.
  • Being able to learn and learn new technologies on their own, constantly improving themselves.
  • Problem-solving skills, analytical thinking.
  • Identify and solve problems with various test and measurement tools.
  • Follow the foreign literature for the relevant project. Support from overseas companies.
  • To be able to keep the maximum deadline of the project.
Businnes Features
  • Develop embeded software projects.
  • Keil, Iar, Eclipse, etc. work with the guidelines.
  • Use of software automation tools such as project management, automated compilation tools, static inspection tools.
  • Develop projects with 8, 16 or 32 bit MCUs.
  • Understand the hardware on the electronic card at a sufficient level.
  • To have information about one or more of the communication protocols / protocols such as RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet, CAN, GSM.
  • Developing applications with MS Visual Studio.
  • Control over .NET platform and C # language.

Preffered Features

  • Embedded software experience (in years).
  • Work experience with mcurs in different architectures. (arm, pic, atmel etc.)
  • Developing projects / projects using USB, Ethernet, CAN, and GSM communications.
  • Having done GUI software.
  • Writing drivers for various hardware, adapting existing drivers to different mcua.
  • Projects / projects with RTOS.
  • Developing applications with C / C ++ on the WIN32 platform.
  • To be able to develop application programs on Android or IOS operating systems.
  • Experienced or knowledgeable in HTML, HTML5, CGI, SSI, CSS. Working with them in the embeded environment.
Personal Features
  • Documantation-sensitive, reportable business.
  • Having the compatibility to work within the team.
  • Patient, result focused, attention to detail.
  • Competent, planning and coordinating ability in job follow-up and conclusion.
  • Responsibility is high.
  • Travel outside the city or abroad.