INA143UA Opamp


INA143UA Opamp Fark Kuvvetlendirici Karşılaştırıcı

2.5V to 18V  0.1x / 10x Kazanç SO8 Hassas Endüstriyel Otomotiv Operational Amplifier


     The INA143 and INA2143 are high slew rate, gain of 10V/V or 0.1V/V difference amplifiers consisting of a precision op amp with a precision resistor network. The on-chip resistors are laser trimmed for accurate gain and high common-mode rejection. Excellent TCR tracking of the resistor maintains gain accuracy and commonmode rejection over temperature. They operate over a wide supply range, ±2.25V to ±18V (+4.5V to +36V single supply), and input common-mode voltage range extends beyond the positive and negative supply rails.

     The differential amplifier is the foundation of many commonly used circuits. The low cost INA143 and INA2143 provide this precision circuit function without using an expensive precision network. The single version, INA143, package is the SO-8 surface mount. The dual version, INA2143, package is the SO-14 surface mount. Both are specified for operation over the extended industrial temperature range, –40C to +85C. Operation is from –55C to +125C.



  •     Wide supply range: -+2.25V to  -+18V
  •     Low quiescent current: 950mA
  •     G = 10V/V or G = 0.1V/V
  •     Single, dual versions
  •     Low offset voltage:
  •     -+250mV max, -+3mV/C max
  •     Low gain error: 0.01%
  •     High slew rate: 5V/ms
  •     Fast settling time: 9ms to %0.01
  •     Temperature range:  –40C to +85C
  •     Designed for low cost
  •     SO-8 packages



  •     Differential Input Amplifier (Building Block)
  •     Diff In/Diff Out Amplifier
  •     Gain = -10 Inverting Amplifier
  •     Gain = +10 Non-Inverting Amplifier
  •     Gain = +11 Non-Inverting Amplifier
  •     Synchronous Demodulator
  •     Current/Differential Line Receiver
  •     Voltage-Controlled Current Source
  •     Battery-Powered Systems
  •     Low-Cost Automotive


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INA143UA Opamp

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