0802A 8x2 Karakter Lcd Modül Yeşil


0802A 8x2 Karakter Lcd Modül Yeşil


     Display content is 2 lines, each line displays 8 characters, each character size is 5×8 dot matrix.

     Character liquid crystal display module is specially used to display letters, Numbers, symbols and other dot matrix liquid crystal display module. There are 4 - bit and 8 - bit data transmission methods. Provides 5×7 dot matrix + cursor display mode. Provides a display data buffer character generator CGRAM, which can be used to store modular data for up to eight self-defined 5×8 dot matrix graphic characters. Provides a rich set of instructions: clear display;

     Cursor back to origin; Show on/off; Cursor on/off; Display character flashing; Cursor shift; Display shift, etc. The internal power-on automatic reset circuit is provided. When the external power supply voltage exceeds + 4.5v, the module will be initialized automatically and set as the default display state.


  • Model: 0802A
  • Display: 8×2 Characters
  • Operating voltage: 5.0v
  • Interface: double parallel port 14pin
  • Controller: SPLC780D
  • Driver Duty: 1/16
  • LED Backlight: Green Backlight
  • Character: 2.96*5.56
  • Module Outline Size: 58.0 * 32.0 *10.0
  • View Area:37.8 *16.0
  • Size of viewing area: 38X16mm


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0802A 8x2 Karakter Lcd Modül Yeşil

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