12864B V2.0 GLCD MAVİ


12864B V2.0 GLCD


     The 12864B V2.0 is based on ST7920 controller. A fairly popular controller used for Arduino. This display works on SPI. It is easy to use and compatible with majority of microcontrollers out there. You can do a lot of graphics stuff with this display. You can create frames and even make small animations. Note that the displays expects individual pixels to be turned ON/OFF. It does not support ASCII Inputs like the character display. It may sound like a disadvantage but it is not. It can be used to create beautiful fonts of any sizes you need. You need to store these fonts in the  microcontroller and send then to the display. We have tutorials that can help you do this fairly easily.


  •     Based on ST7920
  •     128 X 64 pixels
  •     Operating voltage: 5V
  •     Led Backlight
  •     Module size: 93mm x 70mm x 12mm
  •     Vewing Area: 72mm x 40mm
  •     LCD display module with blue blacklight
  •     Wide viewing angle and high contrast
  •     Easily interfaced with a MCU


Package Content:

  • 1 x 12864B V2.0 GLCD







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12864B V2.0 GLCD MAVİ

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