Out Of Stock 6GK1 571-0BA00-0AA USB to MPI Adapter


6GK1 571-0BA00-0AA

SIEMENS USB to MPI / DP PPI PC Adapter S7 200 / 300 / 400 PLC Programlayıcı


    This PC Adapter USB to USB to MPI and PPI protocol adapter, support S7-300/400 PLC MPI/DP, or S7-200 PLC PPI communication.



  •         Support S7 200 / 300 / 400 PLC
  •         Support DP master-slave mixed network by EM277 for Simatic S7-200 programming and downloading.
  •         Support 840D CNC system programming
  •         Use original Siemens drive with USB interface directly, no need to creat COM. (STEP7 V5.5 no need to install driver)
  •         Supports full baud rate 9600,  19200, 45.45K,  93.75K,  187.5K, 500K,1.5M kps, MPI port baud rate auto adaptable
  •         Support siemens touch panel with MPI/DP port, such as Mobile Panel 170,Mobile Panel 177,TP170A,TP177A,TP170B,OP177B,OP277,OP270,TP177B,MP177,MP270,MP277,MP370,MP377,TP270.
  •         Support windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 32/64bit/Windows 10 32/64bit system.
  •         The signal part is high-speed optical coupling isolated like the original.
  •         The selection of PTC resettable fuse which can well protect internal circuitry under overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit conditions.
  •         The housing has a soft protection, anti-pressure, drop.


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Paket içeriği :

  •     1 Adet MPI / DP / PPI PC Adapter 6GK1 571-0BA00-0AA
  •     1 Adet USB Kablo
  •     1 Adet DB9 Bağlantı Kablosu


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6GK1 571-0BA00-0AA USB to MPI Adapter

  • Product Code: 6GK1 571-0BA00-0AA
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