TTL  to RS485 Modül Otomatik Flow Kontrol

TTL  to RS485 Modül Otomatik Flow Kontrol

      Bu modül  TTL uart ile RS485 ağına bağlanmanızı sağlar. 2 adet modül ile RS485 ağı kurabilirsiniz. Otomatik akış kontrol fonksiyonu bulunmaktadır. Yüksek mesafede kablolu haberleşme için kullanıma uygundur.



TTL Turn To RS485 Module Hardware Automatic Flow Control Module

      Only one in the whole network, 3.3V and 5.0V power supply, RS485 signal perfectly compatible with automatic flow control module. Without "Receiving - launch" control, this module is as simple to use with your serial port operations.



  • Compatible with 3.3V and 5.0V power supply.
  • Compatible with 3.3V and 5.0V signal.
  • Absolute using imported chips, industrial design, anti-interference ability, while using more effective mine design can be used in the industrial field and harsh field environments, the working temperature of -40 ° to + 85 ° transmission distance up to 1 kilometer (made with 850 meters of cable F1.5 tests recommended in the 800 meters, more than 800 m, please add repeaters).
  • Semi-hole pads, onboard module, thin PCB, having a thickness of 0.8mm.
  • Has RXD, TXD signal indicator light, monitor send and receive status.



  • The module is fully considered mine design, long-distance transmission signal 485 in the wild, the module "Connected to the ground" terminal is connected to the earth, can play a very good anti-jamming and anti- effect, more secure; it can not connect with the ground when the indoor short-distance transmission.
  • Using the standard 2.54 pitch design, easy secondary development.
  • Has a 120 ohm termination resistors, shorted R0 to enable the termination resistor.
  • Support multi-machine communication, allowing access at up to 128 devices on the bus
  • The module can be hot swapped, the signal does not appear dead phenomenon.
  • A large area of copper to prevent interference.


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TTL to RS485 Modül Otomatik Flow Kontrol

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