433Mhz RF Alıcı Verici


433Mhz RF Alıcı Verici Kit

RX470C + WL102 + Antenler


Description Of Receiver Module:

  •    Support ASK / OOK modulation, the receiver sensitivity of -108dBm;
  •    Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz, bandwidth of about ± 150KHz;
  •    Input voltage range: 2.2V-5V;
  •    Working current:   Type :2.1mA (Requirement:VDD=5V) ; Type :2.1mA (Requirement:VDD=3V)
  •   Quiescent Current: 1uA
  •    Low power consumption;
  •    Good selectivity and spurious radiation suppression, and easy to pass CE / Fcc international certification;
  •    Good local oscillator radiation suppression, multiple receiver module to work with (ie, more than single income) and will not interfere with each other, used together without affecting the receiving distance;
  •    Multiple transmission rates, the general module for 2KHz, up to 10KHz;
  •    Temperature range: -40-85 °C
  •    Ultra-small size of 30 × 9 × 1 (mm) (can be customized according to customer)
  • .  External antenna: 32CM single core wire, wound into a spiral

Description Of Transmitter Module:

  •    Support ASK / OOK modulation, transmit power is greater than 11dBm;
  •    Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz;
  •    Mains input voltage range: 2.0V-3.6V;
  •    Low-power consumption shutdown mode current is less than 1uA;
  •    Transfer rate up to 20KHz;
  •    Launch distance :20-200 meters
  •    Size: 16* 12 * 1mm
  •    External antenna: 25cm ordinary multi-core or single-core line
  •    Temperature range: -45-85    °C

The transmitter Module PIN definition:

DAT             -  Wave signal input
OUT   - Antenna pin . RF signal output, can directly connect to the antenna.
EN      - Enable Pin . But this product EN pin is connected to the power supply, no function
 -         - Power- ground Pin . The ground wire connects power supply.
+         - Power supply pin . Power Input


Antenna Selection Description
General application mode
For general application mode ,the antenna can directly adopt the general specifications from the market;
The specific information as follows:
The antennarsquos core of conductor diameter(including the Antenna skin): 1.0mm,(except the Antenna skin): 0.5mm ;
The wire length of weld end: 17.5mm, the wire length of antenna terminal: 9.5mm;
The diameter of antenna winding (including the Antenna skin):5mm;
The turn number of winding: 15 turns

The diagrammatic drawing:
The special enhancement mode
The general application mode cannot satisfy if you need farther communication distance, so the special enhancement mode can receive farther communication distance, and the specific information as follows:
433Mhz Antenna
The antennarsquos core of conductor diameter (including the Antenna skin): 1.0mm; (except the Antenna skin): 0.35mm
The wire length of weld end: 12mm
The diameter of antenna winding (except the Antenna skin):3.0mm;
The turn number of winding: 26 turns; The length of the winding: 36mm


Paket İçeriği:

  •   1 Adet RF Alıcı RX470C
  •   1 Adet RF Verici WL102
  •   2 Adet Anten


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433Mhz RF Alıcı Verici

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