ST-LINK V2 (CN) ST Arm ve STM8 Mcu JTAG Debugger Hata Ayıklayıcı Programlayıcı

     The ST-LINK/V2 is an in-circuit debugger and programmer for the STM8 and STM32 microcontroller families. The single wire interface module (SWIM) and JTAG/serial wire debugging (SWD) interfaces are used to communicate with any STM8 or STM32 microcontroller located on an application board.

     STM8 applications use the USB full speed interface to communicate with STMicroelectronic's ST Visual Develop (STVD) or ST Visual Program (STVP) software.

     STM32 applications use the USB full speed interface to communicate with Atollic, IAR, Keil or TASKING integrated development environments.


Basic attributes

  • ST-LINK/V2 ST STMicroelectronics assessment, development STM8 the series and STM32 series MCU and set design simulation and download online as one of the development tools.
  • STM8 series by SWIM interface with ST-LINK/V2 connection;
  • The STM32 family connected through JTAG / SWD interface with ST-LINK/V2 of.
  • ST-LINK/V2 connected via high speed USB2.0 PC side.

Supported Software

  • Direct support ST official IDE (Integrated Development Environment software) ST Visual Develop (STVD) and burning software ST Visual Program (STVP).
  • Support for STM32 ATOLLIC, IAR and Keil, TASKING such as the integrated development environment.
  • Support for the device.
  • Supports all STM8 SWIM interface series microcontroller.
  • Support the STM32 family of microcontrollers with JTAG / SWD interface.
  • Microcontrollers supported by STVP release 3.2.5

Functionality, Performance,

  • Programming features: programming FLASH ROM, EEPROM, AFR, etc..
  • Simulation capabilities: support running at full speed, stepping, breakpoints for debugging debugging method, you can view the IO status, variable data, and so on.
  • The Simulation Performance: USB2.0 interface simulation debugging, single stepping, breakpoints for debugging, fast response!
  • Programming performance: USB2.0 interface, SWIM / JTAG / SWD download, download speed!
  • Interface to connect with the target board
  • SWIM standard interface ST-LINK/V2 specified JTAG / SWD standard interface.

Firmware upgradeability
The firmware can be updated. ST will introduce more STM8 and STM32 Model, will add new device models to the into the STVD device support list, when the latest model, you need to use in the future development upgrade STVD, upgrade firmware, will be able to support the new models.
Upgrade to upgrade automatically.
1..ST-LINK/V2 LED Status Description:
        - Flashing red: ST-LINK/V2, to connect to the computer, the first time the USB enumeration process
        - Red: ST-LINK/V2, and the computer has to establish a connection
        - Flashing green / red: target board and computer during the data exchange
        - Green: Communication completed
        - Orange (red and green): Communication failure
2 .. refers to the compatibility of the ST-LINK computer. A small amount of computer can not use the ST-LINK, popular, ST-LINK pick computer. (ST-LINK/V2 need the high version debugging software to support, this is not a compatibility issue)


Key Features

  •     5 V power supplied by a USB connector
  •     USB 2.0 full speed compatible interface
  •     USB standard A to mini B cable
  •     SWIM specific features
  •         1.65 V to 5.5 V application voltage supported on SWIM interface
  •         SWIM low-speed and high-speed modes supported
  •         SWIM programming speed rate: 9.7 Kbytes/s in low speed and 12.8 Kbytes/s in high speed
  •         SWIM cable for connection to the application via an ERNI standard vertical (ref: 284697 or 214017) or horizontal (ref: 214012) connector
  •         SWIM cable for connection to the application via a pin header or a 2.54 mm pitch connector
  •     JTAG specific features
  •         1.65 V to 3.6 V application voltage supported on the JTAG interface and 5 V tolerant inputs
  •         JTAG cable for connection to a standard JTAG 20-pin pitch 2.54 mm connector
  •     Direct firmware update feature supported (DFU)
  •     Status LED which blinks during communication with the PC
  •     Operating temperature 0 to 50 °C



Product line     Microcontroller
STM32   STM32F100xx, STM32F101xx, STM32F102xx, STM32F103xx, STM32F105xx, STM32F107xx, STM32F2xxx, STM32F4xxx,

STM32L15xx6, STM32L15xx8,STM32L15xxB, STM32L151xC, STM32L151xD, STM32L152xC, STM32L152xD, STM32L162xD,


STM32W108C8, STM32W108xB, STM32W108xC, STM32W108xZ
STM8 STM8AF51x, STM8AF52x, STM8AF61x, STM8AF62x,STM8AH51x, STM8AH61x, 

STM8S003K3, STM8S003F3, STM8S005C6, STM8S005K6, STM8S007C8, STM8S103xx, STM8S105xx, STM8S207xx, STM8S208xx, STM8S903F3, STM8S903K3, 

STM8L101xx, STM8L15x, STM8L16x,

STM8T141, STM8T142, STM8T143_Rev1,STM8T143_Rev2,STM8TL53x4


Paket İçeriği:

  •    1 Adet ST-LINK V2 CN
  •    1 Adet Standart Jtag Kablosu 20 Pin 20cm IDC Kablo
  •    1 Adet STM8 4 Pin Bağlantı Kablosu 15cm ( Resimlere bakınız )
  •    1 Adet STM8 4 Pin Bağlantı Kablosu 20cm ( Resimlere bakınız )
  •    1 Adet Mini Usb Kablo


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