TB6600 Step Motor Driver


TB6600  2 Faz 40V 4A Step Motor Sürücü



  •     Supply Voltage: 9~42VDC
  •     Input voltage: DC 12 ~ 48V
  •     Max Drive Current: 4A
  •     Chopping Frequency: 20KHZ
  •     H-bridge bipolar constant phase flow driven
  •     Up to 32 segments of six kinds subdivision modes available
  •     High-speed optocoupler input signal isolation
  •     Electrical input signal is TTL compatible
  •     Standard common anode single pulse interface
  •     Bipolar constant current chopper
  •     Offline hold function
  •     Semi-enclosed cabinet
  •     Provide energy semiautomatic current lock function
  •     Built-in temperature protection and over-current protection
  •     Stationary current is automatically reduced by half
  •     Operating Temperature: -10 to 45 ˚C

I/O Ports:

  •     DC+:DC power positive pole
  •     Note: Must guard against exceeding 45V, so as not to damage the module.
  •     DC-:DC power cathode
  •     A+, A-:Stepping motor one winding
  •     B+, B-:Stepping motor other winding
  •     PUL+, PUL -:Stepping pulse input+5V (Rising edge effective , rising edge duration >10μS)
  •     DIR +, DIR- :Stepping motor direction input, voltage level touched off, high level foreward , low level reverse
  •     ENA+、ENA-: motor free
  •     Typical Connection

(               TB67S109AFTG
CLOCK-in controlled Bipolar Stepping Motor Driver.
The TB67S109A is a two-phase bipolar stepping motor driver using a PWM chopper.
The clock in decoder is built in.
Fabricated with the BiCD process, rating is 50 V/4.0 A .    )


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  •     1 Adet 4A TB6600 Step Motor Sürücü


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TB6600 Step Motor Driver

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