10-15 Gün DC 12V PWM Speed Controller Fan Speed Governor

DC 12V PWM Fan Hız Kontrol Devresi

PC CPU Soğutucu Fan Alarm STK IC için 4 Telli Bilgisayar Sıcaklık kontrol Anahtarı


Application: Computer



  • Çalışma sıcaklığı:  -10C / 60C
  • Çalışma voltajı: DC8V / 18V
  • Çalışma akımı: 20mA
  • Fan akımı: 3A den az olmalıdır
  • Hız aralığı: 10% -100
  • Mod kontrol butonu
  • 3 Adet durum gösterge ledi
  • Sensör: NTC 50K B=3950
  • Boyutlar: 34mm*19mm*11mm
  • Ağırlık: 




Classification of instructions

Input line: red and black power cord is only welded 12V positive and negative p ower cord head, as a general use. The three-wire connector is equipped with a 2 510-3P plug for some motherboard three-wire fan port speed detection.

Temperature probe: small black head line short head small, low heat capacity, su itable for testing narrow space and air temperature, the response is relatively fa st. The ring probe is enclosed in a metal ring head with a diameter of 4.2mm, su itable for screw mounting to radiators or other hot surfaces.

Technical indicators

Working voltage: DC12V (can work in the range of 8-18, please pay attention to the fan voltage)

Consumption current: not more than 20mA

Fan interface: 2510-4P lack 1 bend (computer 4P fan special interface)

Fan current : the interface can withstand 3A, if you need to control the fan with more current, please use the fan power cord separately

PWM output range: 10%-100 Operating temperature: -10 C to 60 °C

Temperature probe parameters: NTC 50K B =3950

Probe temperature resistance: small black head 120 C, ring probe 110°C

Board size: 34mm*19mm*11mm(not including the extension interface), fan inter face extension 8mm

Factory default values of setting parameters: low speed 20%, acceleration tempe rature 30°C, acceleration width 5°C. At this temperature setting, the thermal pro be will be accelerated after a while when held in the palm of your hand. The pr obe clamp will reach full speed within 2 minutes if placed in the armpit. This controller is designed for manual control and automatic temperature control

Patterns of

1. When the temperature probe is not installed, it is purely manual: click/double -click (double-click speed is not too fast) to raise/lower the gear. After each ch ange of gear position, the gear position will be automatically stored when it co ntinues to run for 20 seconds. Within 20 seconds, the No. 2 indioator will flash rapidly. When the flash stops, it means the gear position has been stored. 3/1 in dicator light is always on in the position of no further increase/no further decre ase.

2. After the temperature probe is installed, the speed of manual speed regulation is the initial low speed (basel ine speed). When the temperature exceeds the acce Teration temperature, the fan speed accelerates smoothly with the inorease of the temperature. The parameters of acceleration temperature and acceleration width can be set in the setting diagram below. In the figure, the numbers 1, 2 and 3 re present the states of on (red) and off (white) indicator lights on the board, whic h are displayed in binary order:


During normal operation:

Click the bottom line output of the button to increase by 5%, and the bottom lin e output of the double rest button to decrease by 5%. Run for 20 seconds after changing the value, and save the parameters after braking when the middle indic ator stops flashing. Long press the button to enter the temperature control settin g.

Temperature control setting state: Acceleration temperature setting (slow flash). Double click and double click to set up and down values respectively. Long press to enter acceleration width sett ing. Accelerate width setting (flash) Click double click to change the value, g press to save and exit temperature setting.

Note: In the setting state, if there is no operation in 20 seconds, the setting will auto matically exit and no parameters will be saved.

Set instance: The bottom line is 20%, the acceleration temperature is 35 C, and the accelerat ion width is 15 C. When the probe temperature is lower than 35 OC, the output s ignal is always 20%. When the probe temperature exceeds 35 C, the controller moothly increases the output signal according to the temperature rise, and the fan accelerates. When the probe temperature reaches exceeds 50 C(35+15), the controller outputs the signal at full speed, and the fan is at full speed. Specific to the actual speed of the fan, there will be a little difference according to the specific performance of the non-ventilating fan.

The controller, sold today, already supports the control of reverse timing fans.

Specific setting method:

First, power off the fan, hold down the setting button to power the controller, a nd keep the setting button held (about 3 seconds) until the three lights become double flashing state at the same time, release the button, and the indicator ligh t becomes single double flashing state, that is, the mode setting state is entered. The controller is divided into three working modes, corresponding to the No. 1, 2, and 3 indicator lights flashing double, and can be switched by short pressing the key. After setting, long pressing the key can save and exit the setting mode and automatically return to normal working state.

The three working modes are as follows:

1. Regular PWM fan control mode (default mode) for standard Intel specificatio n four-wire fan control.

2. Conventional reverse timing PWM fan control mode, used for most reverse ti ming four-wire fan control, these fans in the normal mode control speed change opposite, and the control line is connected to the negative electrode at full spe ed.

3. Inverse timing fan 80% control mode, used for a very rare reverse timing fan, this fan in the conventional mode control speed change is opposite, and the conı trol line is connected to the negative electrode does not rotate.



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DC 12V PWM Speed Controller Fan Speed Governor

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