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FRDM-MCXn947 Geliştirme Kartı

MCX-N947 Dual Arm Cortex-M33 Core 150MHz 2Mb Flash Uart Spi I2C Usb Can Dma Onboard Jtag Ethernet Adc


     FRDM-MCXN947 are compact and scalable development boards for rapid prototyping of MCX N94 and N54 MCUs. They offer industry standard headers for easy access to the MCU’s I/Os, integrated open-standard serial interfaces, external flash memory and an on-board MCU-Link debugger.



  •     MCX-N947 Dual Arm Cortex-M33 cores 150MHz each with optimized performance efficiency, Up to 2MB dual-bank flash with optional full ECC RAM, External flash
  •     Accelerators: Neural Processing Unit, PowerQuad, Smart DMA, etc.

Memory Expansion

  •     DNP Micro SD card socket


  •     Ethernet Phy and connector
  •     HS USB Type-C connectors
  •     SPI/I2C/UART connector (PMOD/mikroBUS, DNP)
  •     WIFI connector (PMOD/mikroBUS, DNP)
  •     CAN-FD transceiver


  •     On-board MCU-Link debugger with CMSIS-DAP
  •     JTAG/SWD connector


  •     P3T1755 I3C/I2C Temp Sensor, Touch Pad

Expansion Options

  •     Arduino Header (with FRDM expansion rows)
  •     FRDM Header
  •     FlexIO/LCD Header
  •     SmartDMA/Camera Header
  •     Pmod DNP
  •     mikroBUS

User Interface

  •     RGB user LED, plus Reset, ISP, Wakeup buttons



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Nxp Frdm-Mcxn947

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