ST ST-LINK V3 MINIE STM32 JTAG SWD Debugger Programmer Probe


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     STLINK-V3MINIE is the newest model and the first to include a USB-C port. It is slightly longer than the STLINK-V3MODS at 15 mm x 42 mm; it also stands out thanks to its support for low-power microcontrollers. Indeed, it’s our first standalone probe compatible with the latest STLINK to support 1.65 V. Developers working on a 1.8 V application don’t need to grab the STLINK-V3SET and one of its expansion cards. Its small size primarily targets developers that must constantly flash firmware in the field. As a result, it supports SWD, SWV, and VCP thanks to its STDC14 connector. However, the STLINK-V3MINIE doesn’t supply power to the embedded system due to its size.

     STLINK-V3MINIE is a stand-alone debugging and programming tiny probe for STM32 microcontrollers. The JTAG/SWD interfaces are used to communicate with any STM32 microcontroller located on an application board. STLINK-V3MINIE also provides a Virtual COM port interface for the host PC to communicate with the target microcontroller through one UART.

     STLINK-V3MINIE is a portable version easy‑to‑use debugger and programmer including STDC14 interface with its flat cable and on‑board pads for board‑to‑board (BTB) card edge connector.

     These products are designed in a very low form factor and both offer high performance without any compromise to functions. They support the JTAG/SWD interfaces for the communication with any STM32 microcontroller located on an application board.

     STLINK-V3MNIE interacts smoothly with the STM32CubeProgrammer and is directly supported in popular commercial IDEs including Keil® MDK-ARM, IAR™ EWARM, and GCC-based IDEs including free STM32CubeIDE from ST. In addition, ST provides free access to the probe’s low-level APIs to help integrate STLINK-V3MINI in custom test platforms.


All features

  •     Tiny 15 mm × 42 mm standalone debugging and programming probe for STM32 microcontrollers
  •     Self‑powered through a USB Type-C® connector
  •     USB 2.0 high-speed interface
  •     Probe firmware update through USB
  •     Optional drag‑and‑drop Flash memory programming of binary files
  •     Communication bi-color LED
  •     JTAG communication support up to 21 MHz
  •     SWD (Serial Wire Debug) and SWV (Serial Wire Viewer) communication support up to 24 MHz
  •     Virtual COM port (VCP) up to 15 Mbps
  •     1.65 to 3.60 V application voltage support
  •     Board connectors:USB Type-C1.27 mm pitch STDC14 debug connector with STDC14 to STDC14 flat cable2.0 mm pitch on-board pads for BTB (Board-to-board) card edge connector


Note: STLINK-V3MINI do not provide power supply to the target application. ( Hedef devrenin, beslenme işlevini desteklememektedir. )

Ürün tanıtım ve destek sayfası:


Paket İçeriği:

  •      1 Adet ST STLINK-V3MINIE
  •      1 Adet 15 cm 1,27mm Flat Kablo


  1.     USB Type-C connector
  2.     Power LED indicator pad (LED is not soldered here)
  3.     STM32F723 MCU
  4.     BTB (board-to-board) card edge connector pads
  5.     STDC14 debug connector
  6.     COM LED Indicator
    •     The LED is blinking red: the first USB enumeration with the PC is taking place.
    •     The LED is red: the communication between the PC and STLINK-V3MINIE is established.(end of enumeration).
    •     The LED is blinking green/red: data are being exchanged between the target and the PC.


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