DHT21 AM2301 Temperature And Humidity Sensor


DHT21 AM2301 Capacitance Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor Instead of SHT10 SHT11


     AM2301 DHT21 digital temperature and humidity sensor is a temperature and humidity composite sensor with calibrated digital signal output. It uses dedicated digital module acquisition technology and temperature and humidity sensing technology to ensure high reliability and excellent long-term stability. The sensor comprises a capacitive humidity sensing element and a NTC temperature measuring element, and is connected with a high-performance 8 bit single chip microcomputer. Therefore, the product has excellent quality, ultra fast response, anti-interference ability, cost-effective and so on. Each AM2301/DHT21 sensor is calibrated in an extremely accurate humidity check room. The calibration coefficients are stored in OTP memory in program form, and these calibration coefficients are called in the sensor during the processing of the detected signal. The single line serial interface makes the system integration simple and fast. Ultra small volume, very low power consumption, signal transmission distance of more than 20 meters, making it the best choice for all kinds of applications and even the most demanding applications.


  •  4-pin package
  •  Ultra-low power
  •  No additional components
  •  Excellent long-term stability
  •  All calibration, digital output
  •  Completely interchangeable
  •  Long distance signal transmission
  •  Relative humidity and temperature measurement



  •  Type: AM2301
  •  Accuracy resolution: 0.1
  •  Measurement range: 0-100%RH
  •  Temperature measurement range: -40℃ ~ +80℃
  •  Humidity measurement precision: ±3%RH
  •  Temperature measurement precision: ±0.5℃
  •  Power source: DC3.1-5.5V
  •  Shell material: ABS plastic
  •  Weight: 14g
  •  Size:58.8mm x 26.7mm x 13.8mm

Note: DHT21 has changed its name to AM2301

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  •   1 pcs DHT21/AM2301 Capacitive Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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DHT21 AM2301 Temperature And Humidity Sensor

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