ESP-M3 ESP8285 WIFI Modül


ESP-M3 ESP8285  WIFI Modül

     ESP-M3 ESP-8285 (ESP-8266 ile tamamen uyumludur.) çipi ile geliştirilmiş wifi haberleşme modülüdür. İnternet haberleşmesi yapılması gereken tüm uygulamalarda kullabılabilir. IOT uygulamalarına başlamak için idealdir.  Standart seriport uart haberleşme yapması her türlü microcontroller ve arduino ile rahatça kullanılabilmesini sağlar. Modül 3.3V ile çalışır. 8 Adet IO su bulunmaktadır Bu IO larda 1 Adet Uart RX TX ve 1 Adet IIC fonksiyonu bulunmaktadır.

     ESP8285=ESP8266+1M Flash, the bearing high temperature is 125℃ (the one for ESP8266 is just 85℃). More important, the code programmed in ESP8266 can be used for ESP8285 intactly. ESP-M3 is encapsulated  by the high performance chip ESP8285, which is equal to ESP8266 chip plus 1M Flash. The chip ESP825 is encapsulated a advanced Tensilica’s L106 32-bit CPU, together with SRAM. ESP825 has the full and complete WiFi fuction, which can used independently and alsoused as a slaver with other Hoster MCU, which can start directly from the out-built Flash. In addition, the built-in high-speed buffer is benefit for the system performance. Especially, ESP8285 can be used as a WiFi adapter by SPI/SDIO and/or I2C/UART interface, when it is applied to the other MCU design.



  • Ultra-small size
  • Support serial to WiFi
  • Wireless transparent transmission
  • Long distance transmission with ultra-low power
  • Bearing high temperature to 125 ℃, compared to the 85℃ for ESP8266.
  • Specification:


SOC characteristics

  • Support 802.11 b/g/n/e/I
  • Support Station, Soft AP, Soft AP+STA mode
  • Support WiFi Direct (P2P)
  • Support CCMP (CBC-MAC, computation mode), TKIP (MIC, RC4), WAPI (SMS4), WEP (RC4), CRC etc., for hardware acceleration.
  • P2P finding, P2P GO mode/ GC mode and P2P power manage
  • WPA/PA2PSK and WPS
  • 802.11 securitycertification: pre-certification and TSN
  • Support 802.11n (2.4GHz)
  • 802.1h/RFC1042 frame encapsulation
  • Support seam less roaming
  • Support AT remote update and cloud update (OTA)
  • Support Smart Config function (including Android and Ios device).


Module interface:

  • 2* UART
  • 1*ADC
  • 1*En
  • 1*wakeup pin
  • 1*HSPI
  • 1*I2C
  • 1*I2S
  • More than 10*GPIOs Working temperature: -40℃-+125℃;
  • Module size: 26.8mm*16mm


Electronical appliance:

  • ​Smart power plug, smart light
  • Infant monitor
  • Sensor networks
  • Security ID label
  • Wireless location beacon
  • Home automation
  • Mesh networks
  • IP video camera
  • Wearable electronics
  • Wireless location recognition
  • Industrial wireless control

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ESP-M3 ESP8285 WIFI Modül

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