PCA9685 16-Channel 12-bit PWM Servo motor Driver I2C Module

PCA9685 16-Channel 12-bit PWM Servo motor Driver I2C Module

     This module is ideally suited to adding PWM control to your project, whether it be driving an LED array or an array of servo motors, this module will drive arrays for days. Based on the PCA9685 chipset which features its own internal clock the module allows for the control of 16 seperate PWM channels through a 2 - wire connection.
The module requires an external power supply of 5V to be able to drive the connected devices. The logic of the board itself is powered through the host microcontroller. Communication is handled through a 2 pin I2C interface, available on a wide range of microcontrollers. The I2C address of the module is in the range of 0x60 - 0x80 depending on the configuration of the onboard address select pins.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information regarding the module's operation.

     This breakout board for the NXP PCA9685 16 channel PWM controller. It features 16 fully programmable PWM outputs with a 12bit resolution giving a total of 4096 programmable steps with a duty cycle being adjustable from 0% to 100%. Additionally, the output frequency of all 16 channels can be programmed from 24Hz to 1526Hz. Intended for controlling the brightness of multiple LEDs, the programmability of its PWM outputs means that it can also be configured for producing PWM signals compatible with driving standard servos. In fact, this module has been designed with this purpose in mind with 16 sets of headers that allow for any servo with a standard header to be directly plugged into the module. A screw terminal block provides a means of powering the attached servos from an external 5V PSU and so the number of servos you can drive from your microcontroller and so is not limited by the microcontrollers own power supply. For Arduino users, with this module and our exclusive Arduino library (HCPCA9685) you can directly control up to 16 servos from your Arduino with only a few commands.

     The module also includes an I2C header with 10K pullup resistors and so only requires two data pins (SDA & SCL) to control the module. Solderable pads on the module provide a means of changing the default I2C address (0x40) to one of 62 options, meaning more than one module can be connected to the same I2C bus.

     A wide operating range of 2.3V to 5.5V allows the module to be powered from a range of power supplies and when powered from a 3.3V supply is safe to interface to a Raspberry Pi or 3.3V or any other non 5V tolerant microcontrollers.

     The PWM output pins on this module are capable of sinking a maximum of 25mA or sourcing a maximum of 10mA. Do not attempt to drive high current devices such as motors, bulbs etc, directly from these pins as you will risk damaging the module. For servos, power is provided externally via the terminal header and only a small amount of current is drawn by the servo from each PWM pin.



• Operating Voltage : 2.3 V to 5.5 V
• Frequency: 40-1000Hz.
• 16 Channel drivers. Each output programmable at:
    Programmable frequency
    Programmable turn-on time to help reduce EMI
• Resolution: 12 bit 4096-step
• Output frequency (all PWM output) typically varies from 24 Hz to 1526
• 25 MHz typical internal oscillator
• External 50 MHz (max.) clock input
• Ready to output 12 resolution of the stepper motor, which means that at 60Hz refresh rate can reach 4us resolution
• Configurable output push-pull output or open
• Output Enable pin to quickly disable all output
• Low standby current
• Power input terminals
• Green power indicator
• Facilitate you in four groups in a 3-pin connector insert 16 servo motors (servo plug slightly wider than 0.1 ", so you can put four pairs of 0.1" connector)
• Reverse polarity protected wiring board input
• Cascade Design
• V + line to place a large capacitor (in some cases you will need)
• All PWM output lines have put a 220 ohm series resistor to protect them, and can easily drive the LED.
• Size: 60*25mm
• Color: blue
• Net Weight: 12 g

Pin Description:

• GND    0V
• OE    Output enable
• SCL    I2C Clock
• SDA    I2C Data
• VCC    5V Input
• V+    Screw terminal voltage


Package Included:
       • 1 x PCA9685 16 Channel 12-bit PWM Servo motor Driver I2C Module


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PCA9685 16-Channel 12-bit PWM Servo motor Driver I2C Module

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